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Abbreviations -

The purpose of is to provide you with the meaning of an acronym/abbreviation and then link you to an authorative website.

Aprende español -

Learn Spanish with online help and tips from volunteer teachers all over the world. Explore the Spanish language with our quotes, forums, galleries, and videos.

Art School Ranking -

Art schools and online art schools are best place for future study in art. These kinds of learning institutions are designed to cater to talented individuals to develop their skills in art.

Big Red Garage -

Discounted Pimsleur language courses and other top rated courses to help you learn a new language fast.

Cool German lingo lessons and exercises -

Our popular weekly podcast teaches common German lingo, colloquialisms, idioms and slang. We also have transcripts and quizzes to help you improve your German vocab.

Creative Voiceover Limited -

Your Turnkey Voice over Solution Provider-top quality voice recording and editing services

Foreign Language Now -

Are you going on a trip and need to learn a language fast? Well the best way to learn fast is right here in front of you. Here at we have most languages you would ever want to learn or need to learn. We offer software such as the popular Rosetta Stone and many others. It is not like the old days of trying to learn a language from a book, now you can buy the software that has sound with it so you will actually know what the word should sound like. So no matter if you want t

German course Berlin -

Learning German in a city as exciting and cosmopolitan as Berlin really can wider your horizons – both personally and professionally!

Italian Language -

About Italian Learning. If you’re serious about learning the Italian language

Learn English in UK -

English Language courses in UK, London, Liverpool, Bournemouth, unbeatable prices and high quality accredited schools, visa support for international students.

Learn Spanish -

Provides free spanish lessons and spanish language resources developed by spanish teachers to learn spanish online and spanish language courses in Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru and more destinations in Latin America.

Learn Spanish - Spanish Language Courses, Classes, Schools -

Learn Spanish at the convenience of your home. Today you can take a Spanish course simply by joining online Spanish Classes. You needn't go to a language school to learn Spanish anymore.

Learn Spanish Fast -

Language Lessons 101 is a Spanish language learning resource. Tips, tricks, and tools to help you learn Spanish quickly. Stop waiting to learn the Spanish language and get started today.

Learn Spanish in Cusco, Learn Spanish in Peru, spanish language immersion course in Cuzco -

Learn Spanish in Cusco, Peru, with Wiracocha Spanish School. Our language school offer, spanish language course in cuzco, spanish immersion course, intensive courses, quiz and test, scholarship, business spanish, study and learn spanish fun and quickly.

Learn Spanish Online -

Learn Spanish Online

Learn Spanish Software Review -

A detailed review of Rocket Spanish, a popular Spanish speaking course.

Learn Spanish Software Reviews -

If you want to learn Spanish we have reviews of the top learn Spanish programs available. Truthful and honest consumer opinions on programs help you make your buying decision.

LearnSpanish -

Loquella is free online language course used by Foreign Institutes to teach different languages over 30 years. It is well improved than Foreign Services by implementing Spanish Lessons. It provides Spanish Language tool with 63 lessons for Spanish.

Master Mandarin Chinese -

Learn how to Say It In Chinese with our comprehensive database for beginning learners. Master the most common Mandarin Chinese words and expressions online. - Online course that Makes English Learning Fun and Enjoyable -,en/ is an online English learning course for kids all ages. Mingoville makes English learning fun and enjoyable. Mingoville is available in 32 languages and contains a number of fun exercises in reading, spelling and writing, grammar, games, songs,

Pimsleur Method -

With the Pimsleur language courses, you will quickly be on your way to learning your new language.

Professional Language Translation -

A professional translation company offering customized language translations, website localization, and cultural consulting.

Professional Language Translations -

Akorbi Language Consulting is a leading provider of high quality language services in the form of professional translations, interpretations, language training, localization and technology solutions. Some of the most popular languages requested are: English to Spanish, English to Chinese, English to Portuguese, English to Korean, English to Japanese and English to German.

Rocketspanish -

Offers Evaluations About Helpful Spanish Training On The Web

Spanish Institute of Merida -

Spanish Institute of Merida

Spanish Translation -

One of the leading providers of professional human translation and localization services for websites and documents at a reasonable cost.

Spanish vocabulary, Spanish grammar and more -

Learn & Practice English, French, Spanish and More with Partners Around the World

Speak A Language -

Language Learning Store has all major language courses for you to learn a new language fast.

Sprachkurse in Frankfurt am Main -

The language school is sited within walking distance of the central quarter of Frankfurt. The teachers are mother-tongue speakers and in possession of a qualified university degree, which enables them to teach foreigners in german.

Study spanish buenos aires -

Spanish, internship and volunteer programs in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Summer camps Switzerland -

ESL currently offers you one of the widest ranges of holiday courses in Switzerland and in France. The exceptional locations where we hold our courses include centres in the Swiss Alps, beside Lake Geneva and on the Côte d'Azur.

Sytra Chinese Translation Co.Ltd -

Leading Chinese language service provider providing top quality Chinese translation and localization.

Translation Services -

Providing translation services in a range of fields including legal translation, medical translation, technical translation and financial translation. All translators are professionally qualified linguists and have much industry experience. Visit the website for an online quote.

UN Translation -

One stop language solutions-translation, localization,typesetting and voice over.

Used Language Courses -

Used Pimsleur offers quality used Pimsleur languages courses for far less than the retail price.

Writing Help -

Help with essay writing is offered at this site. Services aren't just limited to high school or college students. Professionals already in the job market often need resume proofreading or editing assistance with special projects.

Yao Mandarin School -

Learn Chinese in Toronto easily at Yao Mandarin School. Visit us at for details. -

Easy to use dictionary and thesaurus with results from a variety of quality online sources.