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A-Z Cat Breeds Information -

A comprehensive resource for cat lovers which explores all information and interesting facts about cats, cat care and cats health, with indepth details about various cat breeds to help you choose the best pet cat for your family

About Cats Online -

Articles about cat and kitten health and behavior, stray and feral cats, and a forum.

About Discus Fish -

About discus fish blog has latest news and articles about discus fish

About Fish Online -

Articles about freshwater and saltwater tropical fish, aquarium maintenance, species profiles with photos, fish health and disease treatment, and a forum.

African Cichlid -

The pet of kings! African cichlid fish community to talk about care and the joy of being a cichlid owner.

Agility Equipment -

Agility Training Equipment is your best buddy when it comes to training your pet while having a good time with the whole family.

AKC Registered Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) Breeder in Northern California. -

I breed AKC registered Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) puppies here in Northern California. Come visit my website!

All About Bulldogs -

Great website all about Bulldogs. Information, videos, article searches, books, items, and more.Lots of super information and fun for all who love Bulldogs.

All About Exotic Pets -

Excellent resources on exotic pets. Find out where to get exotic pets or exotic pet necessities. Choose the best exotic pets for you. Exotic pet health and care tips, and so much more!

All About The Bullmastiff Breed -

This is a super website devoted to the Bullmastiff dog breed. You will find fun videos, articles, items, books,information, and more on the Bullmastiff breed. There is something for every Bullmastiff lover on this site.

All About The Pekingese Breed -

This is a great website all about the Pekingese breed. You will find information, article searches, videos, books, items, and more on this site. There is a lot of information and fun here for all who love the Pekingese breed.

American Bulldog -

American Bulldogs, a breed of bulldogs american style! The American Bulldog is a big solid breed of bulldog created in America.

American Mastiff -

Learn about the history of the American Mastiff, American Mastiff Puppies and Breeders. Stay up to date with news and videos!

Animal Rescue -

Animal Rescue by Location. We are a non-profit working with thousands of animal rescues across country to bring you over 100,000 dogs and cats for adoption.

Anti Bark Dog Collar -

Dog Anti Bark Collar are effective, humane and safe for controlling unwanted barking.

Aquarium and Pond Fish Forums -

The Net's premiere online community devoted to all aspects of keeping aquarium and pond fish. You will find broad range of issues from feeding to breeding fish discussed here.

Aquarium Fish Care - Tips on goldfish care and info on freshwater aquarium fish -

Information on aquarium setup and fish tank care. Includes tips on aquarium dimensions, aquarium catfish, goldfish care, freshwater aquarium fish, salt water fish tanks, sand shark, coral care, salt water aquarium fish, guppy care and more.

Bark Control Collars -

Dog Bark Control Collars are effective, humane and safe for controlling unwanted barking.

Beagle Dog Breed - offers Beagle dog breed community membership site where members can share pics, videos, make friends with other Beagle owners, discussion forum, polls, and much more. Register Free Today!

Betta Fish -

This site is designed to make it easy. Whether it is finding that perfect fish for you, or that bit of information you need to know, you will probably find it here. If you just love betta fish, you will love browsing through the many betta fish pages

Boston Terrier Hub -

All about Boston Terriers! Boston Terrier owner shares info on standards, history, selection, care, common health problems, photo gallery where visitors can add their pet's photos, puzzles, ecards, free newsletter and more!

Burmese cat world - articles, pics, breeding -

All about Burmese cats & kittens, breeders list, health and care articles, history of Burmese cat, kittens gallery, the world standards.

Buying A Horse -

Find out everything you need to know about buying a horse.

Cat Names -

Web site about male and female cat names, names for kittens. Also you can find information about popular cat names anatomy of the cat, choosing and caring for a cat and other.

Cat Pictures -

A site dedicated to cats, it has a collection of all the stuff about cats. Cat Breeds, Cat Pictures, Cat Images, Cat Videos, Everything about Cats, Find all the Stuff about Cats on this site. A great collection of images of cats and kitten. Watch Funny Cat Videos.

Cat Training Guide -

Cat training can sometimes be a pain. I have compiled these guides to help people understand how it should be done the best

Cheap Aquariums for Sale Cheap acrylic aquariums Cheap glass aquariums -

At Cheap Aquariums for Sale we've found all the best bargains in cheap aquariums, acrylic aquariums, and glass aquariums. New aquariums can be very expensive so we've found the best deals around in secondhand aquariums for both tropical and reef fish. We also have a range of aquarium accessories including filters, pumps, lighting and decorations.

Chihuahua Dog Club - offers Chihuahua dog breed community membership site where members can share pics, videos, make friends with other Chihuahua owners, discussion forum, polls, and much more. Register Free Today!

Children and Puppies -

Children and puppies; keep a watchful eye on both. Teach your child and puppy how to behave together.

Cinema Meow -

Cinema Meow - Funny cat videos featuring the cutest cats on the web. Hilarious videos that will make you laugh out loud.

Citadel Protection Dogs LLC -

Citadel Protection Dogs LLC provides elite family protection dogs that are trained to exacting standards. Citadel primarily focuses on German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois dogs.

Cocker Spaniel - von der Burginsel -

Cocker Spaniel,lovely dogs from the FCI Group6

Coolest Dog Tricks -

The coolest dog tricks on the web

Custom Acrylic Aquariums and Aquarium Supply Superstore -

Create your dream aquarium - any size or shape! Cheap prices for custom acrylic aquariums, sea creatures and supplies. Saltwater and freshwater fish, invertebrates, coral, live rock, food, gravel, plants, stands, pumps, lighting, heaters, and accessories.

DIY 3d Background Aquarium -

Complete A to Z aquarium resource site featuring DIY 3d background aquarium information and how-to's, photos and videos, massive inventory of Ebay and Amazon aquarium products, detailed link directory, plus free aquarium screensavers and entertaining trivia.

Doberman Pinscher Site -

The website for doberman enthusiasts.

Dog 4 Home -, Online Dogs selling and buying made easy, comprehensive and money saving, thousands of breeds to choose from, with a common platform for Dogs breeders & their lover; the Feeder.

Dog and puppies -

see the dogs and puppies and find out the best of them .... more over the names picture and many more for you to see about dogs and puppies.........

Dog Bark Collars -

Choose among our Ultrasonic dog bark collars which is an electronic bark collar, the Citronella dog bark collars which uses a citronella spray projected to toward your dog’s nose and face or just the commonly used dog bark collars produced by our most trusted manufacturers.

Dog Behavior Training and Breed Information -

If you are wondering why your dog behaves the way she does, and how to stop bad behavior, this is the place to get the information. If it is dog related, you will find it here.

Dog Breeds and All About Dogs are Here. -

Dog History, Dog Training, Dog Information, Dog Tips and All About Dogs are Here.

Dog Breeds Informations -

Dog training,and breeding informations. Find a list of all dog breeds.

Dog Breeds, Articles, Training, Name and More - is a comprehensive site for dog owners. You will find complete dog information from articles, breeds information to dog names, dog products etc. You can search all kinds of dog's questions and get answers.

Dog by design -

Your complete guide to a new breed of dogs for a new generation of dog lovers.

Dog Food Recipes -

Your lovely dog might be in danger. Learn Dog Food Secrets as well as Dog Food Recipes

Dog Grooming -

A site for Dog Grooming and Dog Training. Useful Info Guide for all Pet Lover and Dog Owners

Dog health and care -

Covers a wide field of topics from dog training to flea and tick care

Dog Lover Community -

The dog community for people whom have a dog. this site have technic for play, buy tools. You can read article and understand technic for you dog. In my website update every day.

dog pregnancy -

all dog breeds is a dog information site with articles on topics such as dog health, dog training and more

Dog Shopping and More -

Shopping for mans best friend. Great buys for Fido.

Dog Space Shop -

We are selling quality pet care product. We are selling 100% quality pet care product accept payment via PayPal 100% Safe and satisfaction shopping. Automotive pet product, bark collars, cat doors, cat furniture, cat toys, catnip, dog containment, dog create covers

Dog Supplies -

This is a site for dog lovers. A range of dog supplies is reviewed. We consider quality products, which can be found be at competitive prices. We seek to help you choose the right accessories for your dog, be they healthy dog food, a durable dog toy, dog beds, dog grooming supplies.

Dog Training and behavior advice -

How to train your dog and corrective behavior advice for stopping various dog and puppy related problems.

Dog Training Burnaby -

Training a puppy can be challenging, but the rewards are priceless. Let the professional experts in animal care train your dog in learning what is acceptable behaviour, and boundaries that should never be crossed.

Dog Training Certificate -

Everything you need to know about dog training certificate, Dog training collars, and Behaviour dog training.

Dog Training Devices -

Learn how dog training tools like collars, wireless fences, leashes can help you to train your dogs by yourselves.

Dog Training Help -

The majority of people love animals, especially dogs. We all want well behaved dogs, but it can be very difficult and time consuming to train a dog. We will provide information on all aspects of dog training here. From potty training to excessive barking.

Dog Training Made Eary -

This site provides will help you make sure that your dog is a pleasure to live with, review a few useful and unique doggy products and other interesting dog things.

Dog Training Styles -

Contrary to popular belief, there are not as many training styles as there are trainers. Despite individual differences, people handling dogs fall into clearly recognizable categories. And no matter your individual style or that of your dog, there remain certain truisms.

DOG Training TOYS -

Great dog training site with many information about DOG s and trainers. Great article on training dog and all the trainers dog toys you need.

Dog Training | Puppy Training | Dog Obedience Training - The Obedient Dog Trainer -

Find the most effective and reliable dog training aids and dog obedience training products, reviews and articles. Learn the secrets to dog crate training, dog potty training and correctly house training your dog.

Dog Treats -

Featuring home made dog treats, that are cooked in a country hearth that every dog will love! Made fresh daily, and shipped any where

Dog Tricks Training Lessons -

If you have ever wondered how to train your dog to do dog tricks, then this new website is the perfect solution. Teach your dog to shake a paw, give you a high five and even roll over without any experience! It is so easy that anybody can do it!

Dog Urinary Infection -

Dog Urinary Infections are very uncomfortable for your pets. They are just uncomfortable for dogs as they are for humans. Use this resource to find the best way to cure your pets problem.

Dog Wood District -

There are many species of dogs. There are some cross-breeds and there are also pure breeds. But no matter what they're breeds are, we love them all the same.

English and French Bulldog Puppies -

Bullcanes offers purebred French and English Bulldogs. Bullcanes adhere to strict criteria in each and every step of the breeding process. All English and French Bulldogs are recognized with the CKC. - Where Pet Lovers Meet -

Pet lovers dream site featuring pet of the day, pet forums, pet pictures, videos, dating, websites and classifieds.

Everything to keep you and your horse at optimum health and performance -

Information and Top Quality Equine Products

Feeding Your Cat – Make Sure Your Cat Gets the Nutrition He Needs -

There are so many cat breeds. How can you decide which breed is right for you and your family? Follow this handy guide to select the perfect cat breed.

Feline Info -

Find the perfect gift to show off your favorite breed of cat including T-shirts, posters, and jewelry. Read articles about cats including cat behavior, cat health, cat urine removal, and cat potty training.

Female Dog Heat Symptoms Guide -

The best place to find information on female dog heat symptoms. The best place to find information on female dog heat symptoms

Flea Treatment -

Flea's are annoying at best. They cause your pets distress, and can be hard to remove. is a site setup to help you discover new flea treatment methods that you may not have heard of.

Free Dog Training Advice, How To Train Your Dog -

If you need your dog trained, you need to consider a lot of different things. This website provides all the information regarding dog training a different subject regarding dogs and dogs health

Free Videos on How To Train Your Dog -

Series of videos that show owners how to take control of their dogs and be a pack leader.

french and english bulldog puppies for rehoming -

this puppies are vet checked and hips were checked by the vet pups have now been wormed and will be again in 2 weeks this will be on the pups vet card as proof.1st vaccination is booked for the 8th of feb and the pups can go on the 9th. black tan black gold long and short haired. reared with children in the home very large boned pups 7 in litter. but only 3 girls 1 long haired and 1 long haired boy left. very loving and playful puppies both parents with pups.both parents have excellent tempera

Funny Cats -

A website updated frequently with all of the funny cat videos collected around the internet. With cats like these, you are certain to be entertained.

Glucosamine in a Dog's Diet -

How does glucosamine work to help your dog's joints? Glucosamine hydrates and lubricates your pet's joints. The added hydration and lubrication will help to prevent arthritis in your dog.

Horse Boots| Manufacturer| Exporter| Buy Horse Boots -

Iris Overseas is manufacturer, exporter of horse boots in India, China, buy horse boots from Indian Chinese outsourcing company, manufacturer and exporters.

Horse Equipment -

All your horse and rider things in one place, from equipment to articles and much much more.

Horses for sale -

Horses for sale on, Hundreds of classified listings of horses for sale including horses for loan, Horseboxes and horse trailers for sale

Household Pets -

Many kinds of animals make good household pets and require different types of care and maintenance.

How To Train Your Dog ! -

Chuck sit. Chuck stay. Chuck Fetch. How many times does Chuck actually respond to these commands? Did we hear you say “Not many!” Well then this is what will help you train your “Chuck” to do just as you say.

Husky Dog Membership site - offers Husky dog breed community membership site where members can share pics, videos, make friends with other Husky owners, discussion forum, polls, and much more. Register Free Today!

If You Have 15 Minutes You Can Train Your Dog -

Dog Training Techniques and Tips

Informational Website On Dog Training -

Dog Training Information - Learn More About Home Dog Training, Dog Training Equipment etc. We Often Update Our Website With Articles Pertaining To Dog Training

JustPets - India's 1st -

JustPets - India's 1st and only pet portal offers free listings for pet owners, service providers, pet shops. Also offers pet discussion forum.

Keeping Chickens -

Information on chicken houses, how to keep chickens, and a family's online record of chicken keeping in their back garden. If you're thinking about keeping chickens, or wondering what's it like to be a backyard chicken keeper, read on.

koi -

Great selection of imported Japanese koi

La-Di-Da-Dogs -

La-Di-Da-Dogs offers the latest information on small dog apparel, carriers, bedding and other accessories. We also offer advice on food, grooming, and exercise concerning your small dog companion. We strive to offer the best sites available for fashionable clothing, practical as well as novelty, the best in cozy beds that keep your small dog feeling safe and secure, as well as small dog carriers, both everyday and high fashion. We offer information on small dog dishes and bowls for home and tr

Labrador Retriever Zone -

This is a great website all about the Labrador Retriever breed. You will find information, article searches, videos, books, items, and more on this site. There is a lot of information and fun here for all who love the Labrador Retriever breed.

Leopard Geckos -

Leopard gecko care website as manual of leopard geckos care sheet for information and guide on habitat, tank setup, food, health and breeding of pet leopard gecko.

Looking for a pitbull puppy? Visit our directory! -

Pitbull Breeder Directory - Find pitbull breeders across America.

Magnetic Therapy for Pets -

A wide assortment of magnetic therapy products promote natural healing and pain relief for conditions such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, splints and sprains in dogs, cats and horses.

Master Domain Kennels -

Breeder of Mee Kyun Dosa (Korean Mastiff) and the Dogue de Bordeaux.

Miniature Pinscher Puppies For Sale -

Miniature Pinscher Registered Puppies All Colors Available Adorable and Affordable

Miniature Schnauzer Zone -

This is a super website devoted to the Miniature Schnauzer. You will find fun videos, articles, items, books,information, and more on the Miniature Schnauzer.. There is something for every Miniature Schnauzer lover on this site.

My Pet Names - is an effort by a team of people who love pets.These pets include the very commonly owned pets like dogs and cats along with uncommon pets like snakes, ferrets, Spiders etc.This site is for all those pet lovers who find it extremely difficult to find a suitable name for the pets. We here on have collected a list of names that can be used for different species.

Natural Dog Food -

"Organic dog food , natural dog food and pet supplies by the Flying Basset is the first and only natural and organic whole food pet supplement and food line of products available in the marketplace.The Flying Basset� is the first and only natural and organic whole food pet supplement and food line of products available in the marketplace. Now available at Whole Foods Markets.

New Dog Clothes,Dog Shoes,Pet Supplies -

We are professional manufactory to made dog clothing,Dog Clothes,Dog Shoes,Dog Carriers,Blank dog t-shirts, Dog Collars. We have all 8 season Dog Leashes,Dog Collars,Our super Pet Supplies will show you the pictures which they take our Dog Clothes,Dog apparel ,Dog T-Shirts. Pets love our very much. Enjoy our great design Pet Products.

Of Cats -

A blog about cats that discusses domestic and wild felines, their care and conservation.

Parrot Training Review -

Find out how I took an adopted conure in and trained her to stop screaming biting and even to do a couple tricks. You can learn from my mistakes.

Pekingese -

A fun and informative place for Pekingese dog owners to learn about their pets' needs.

Pennsylvania Dogs -

This site is dedicated to Pennsylvania Dog topics and all that it ensnares. Our mission is to inform the public of such information as Pennsylvania dog breeders, Dog grooming and spas in PA.

Pet Advice -

Need advice or help for your dog? Here you can get some of the best answers available.

Pet Beds: Cat Beds & Dog Beds -

TheCanineandFelineStore your online pet beds shopping store and shopping mall. We aim to make your shopping experience simple, easy and fun. At The Canine and Feline Store you will find top quality products and services at competitive prices. From cat beds and dog beds to all sorts of pet toys and pet products and supplies, we have it all for you. Visit us now!

Pet Boarding -

Our idea is to make your furry family member`s stay safe, enjoyable and fun whether you are dropping your pet off for a social day in daycare, spa treatment, extended stay in our villas, or all three!

Pet Care Gt -

A site dedicated to help Your pets live a longer, healthier life. Offers free pet care information about dogs, cats, birds, fish, horses, rabbits, pigeons, snakes, and turtles.

Pet care, Pet Article, Animal Product, Animal Guide - provides articles & listings on animal diseases, animal guides, animal health, animal care, drugs and medications, reproduction, animal diseases and conditions, animal information.

Pet Cat Health -

If you have any questions about pet cat health then you may find the answer here. Contains a list of FAQs to help you diagnose the problem.

Pet Classifieds -

Our website offers hundreds of categories to search through. Find your perfect pet today.

Pet Directory -

Pet informational Web directory, includes forums, encyclopedia, gallery and other games and services.

Pet Forums,Dog Forum,Cat Discussio Forum -

Here is Pet Discussion Forums, Pet Owners Community and Social pet networking site for Dogs, Cats,Bird,Horse,Reptile,Poultry,Fish and all other pets.

Pet Health -

Pet and equestrian supplies, buy pet health equipment online.

Pet Insurance -

Information about pets insurance, pet insurance, dog insurance, cat insurance.

Pet Loss Angel -

For grieving pet owners; to provide a safe haven of understanding, support and resources to help them through the grieving process.

Pet Memorial Website -

A free pet memorial website where you can place photos and leave tributes for pets you have lost. A great way to remember them.

Pet Porte Microchip Cat Flap Forum -

All about the new collarless microchip cat flap from Pet Porte.Chat with Pet Porte microchip cat flap owners.

Pet Training and Advice -

Complete dog and cat care, complete cat training, complete dog training, dog health guide, dog house training, and advice on how to care for tropical fish.

Pet’s Health -

The required information related to pet's health, pet's care, pet's food and dogs and more get through this blog.

Pets Directory -

Pets of all types and sizes are discussed in detail. Their care, feeding and special needs are also discussed.

Pets forum -

Pet Forums - Biggest Pets Community for pet lovers

Pettech -

Pettech reviews the various pet appliances, products and gadgets that are available to pet owners

Pictures of Bees -

A site dedicated to types of bees and wasps, and other related information and pictures.

pictures of cats -

The best pictures of cats,pictures of cute cats,funny pictures of cats,funny cats videos,in the

Pitbulls -

Blue Pitbull Kennel breeders of pitbull dogs, american pit bull terriers, pit bulls, blue pitbulls, pitbull puppies, blue pit bulls for sale.Your one stop source for Pit Bull information. The breed information, history, and photos of the American Pit Bull Terrier, also known as the Pit Bull, Pitbull, or Pitt bull dog.Everything from training, health, to sporting activities. If you're looking for it you'll find it here.

Poochieheaven- Luxury on a Leash -

Poochieheaven offers luxury dog carriers, dog beds, and dog clothing in sizs XXS-XXL. We also have organic dog treats and many other products to spoil your pet.

Potty Train Your Puppy -

Stop your dog behavior problems with proven dog training techniques from the pros. Fast and easy system. Immediate results guaranteed

Potty Training Dogs -

Dog Training Obedience website packed full of articles and free information about dog training.

Premium Pet Supplies -

The Pet Products Store is a one stop online pet supply shop. We offer you the best shopping experience possible. We offer a nice variety of quality dog supplies, cat supplies, and other supplies for whatever type of animal you own.

Probiavi - probiotiques - animal domestique - alimentation chien chat - probioticos - pet smell - he -

PROBIAVI spécialement développés pour votre animal domestique - PROBIAVI is a specially formulated for your pets

Protection Dog Forum -

Defense, bite work and protection work training. Discussion, photo and video.

Protein Skimmers -

Salty Supply is an innovator in bring premium saltwater aquarium supplies to the online shopper. With a top of the line shopping cart and low shipping costs this is the new way to purchase all your livestock and dry goods.

Puppies Maine -

Australian Labradoodle puppies bred and raised in Breeder's home. Non-shedding & hypoallergenic miniatures & mediums. Purposefully bred as therapy dogs for people with allergies, the Labradoodle now delights the world over.

Puppy Dog Spot -

Find apparel and gifts featuring your favorite dog breed. Get info on dog-related topics such as dog training, dog behavior, and dog health.

Rottweiler Dog Breed -

Rottweilers. American Rottweiler Club parent breed club for rottweilers in the US. American Rottweiler Club member of the American Kennel Club.

San Diego Dog Training -

Understanding the Psychology of Dog and learn effective dog training from San Diego's Dog Whisperer.

Small Dogs -

Pictures and videos with small funny dogs. Watch the funniest videos and pictures with funny dogs.

Social Network for Pet Lovers - is a small social bookmarking website about pets. Pet lovers can submit, share and vote for any pet story, especially dogs and cats. Register Now!

Special Pets Store -

Pet accessories store - Dog Houses,Dog Toys,Pet Crates,Bark Collars,Cat Furniture,Cat Toys,Pet Products,Pet Beds,Dog Doors and more.

Staffy Site - offers Staffordshire bull terrier dog breed community membership site where members can share pics, videos, make friends with other Staffordshire bull terrier owners, discussion forum, polls, and much more. Register Free Today!

Strange Animal Hybrids - offers a variety of the strange animal hybrids that inhabit our planet. Watch videos and pictures of the strangest crossbreeds and hybrids.

Teach Your Dog to Sit -

Teach Your Dog to sit questions and answers. See videos, articles and helpful hints to get your Dog trained to sit the right way

The Dog Trainer - Tips On How To Train A Dog And Dog Adoptions -

Read about how to train a dog. Includes tips on dog crate training, dog potty training, dog adoptions, dog body language, finding the right dog obedience school and more.

The Hunting Dog -

An informative website about dogs, especially the versatile hunting dog breeds. This online resource is the place to go for your dog-related questions. With focus, instinct and clever ways, these dogs are a key member of the hunting team and devoted family pet.

Ultimate portal for pets lovers -

Pets lover should also love this site. The website provides not only useful knowledge about pets, but also massive interesting stories about them. You can get those information and stories for free. - Your Pet Supply Headquarters! - carries PetSafe, Innotek, SportDOG and other popular brands of shock collars, containment systems, bark control and pet training systems. In addition you will find dog doors, pet beds and more.

Uptown Paws - is for animal lovers interested in quality products and information for their pets of every kind that will improve their animal's lives. Recommended luxury pet accessories, such as the latest fashion in designer pet clothing, collars, leads, leashes, pet beds, pet carriers and jewelry can be found through trusted third parties. The quality of life of your pet is very important to us, so we have found products from recommended stores that provide quality healthcare insurance, produ

Velcro dog harnesse for Chihuahuas -

Affordable dog harnesses for small dog. No pull design. Ez on and off with velcro. Many styles.Affordable dog harnesses for small dog. No pull design. Ez on and off with velcro. Many styles.

Wasps nest removal -

Humans have a need for eliminating wasps nest in an around their homes. Wasps stings can be nasty, this site provides general information about erradicating wasps and treating stings.

Wireless Dog Fence Guide -

The best place to find information on getting a wireless dog fence. The best place to find information on getting a wireless dog fence

Wonderful dogs -

all you need to know about dog health, dog houses, dog toys and a whole lot more