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Acrylic Plastic -

Alternative Plastics, Based in the UK are a leading supplier of acrylic and plastic products. Our expertise is in supplying acrylic rods, acrylic sheet, rods, tubes, and fabrication aids to your specifications.

Austin anodizing chemicals - offers you high-quality chemical solutions for industrial anodizing and metal finishing shops. We carry 20 years of industrial chemical sourcing globally. When requiring Anodizing chemicals on Houston, Houston chromate conversion, Metal plating chemicals on Dallas or Houston anodizing chemicals solutions, we are here offer you the great deal with 20 to 50% less than market price.

Azeocryst -

Azeocryst Organic Pvt. Ltd. has helped many manufacturers with the supply of Grignard Reagents, thus fulfiling the need of bulk drug industry. Azeocryst Organic Pvt. Ltd. aim is to contribute to help others in the final betterment of life on earth.

Building and Construction Adhesives & Sealants -

Building & Construction Adhesives & Sealants are used to decorate the office buildings from outside as well as from inside by applying wallcover,floorings etc.

Building and Construction Adhesives & Sealants -

Building & Construction Adhesives & Sealants are used to decorate the office buildings from outside as well as from inside by applying wallcover,floorings etc.

Building and Construction Adhesives & Sealants -

Building & Construction Adhesives & Sealants are used to decorate the office buildings from outside as well as from inside by applying wallcover,floorings etc.

Cable Ties by -

Manufactures injection modular molded thermoplastic parts from flexible or rigid plastics.

Cacl2 -

For high quality Cacl2 (calcium chloride), contact the no.1 Cacl2 supplier in Canada: Ward Chem. We sell bulk and liquid calcium chloride as well as flakes and pellets.

Calcium Bromide CaBr2 -

Bromines have recently become a tracked sector of the financial markets. The cost of calcium bromide CaBr2, as one of the bromines, has thus become subject to a variety of market pressures.

Calcium Chloride Cacl2 -

Ward Chem is a Canadian cacl2 supplier. Get high quality calcium chloride products such as pellets, flakes, and liquid cacl2.

Calcium Chloride Flakes -

What is calcium chloride? Read more about liquid cacl2 here: Ward Chem is a calcium chloride supplier. Ward Chemical is the largest producer of calcium chloride in Western Canada

Calcium Chloride Supplier -

For drilling and completion fluids information and services, contact Ward Chem. We offer completion fluids (brines) such as chlorides, bromides, formates.

Cesium Formate Chemicals -

We are the no.1 cesium formate supplier in Canada. Get all the chemicals you want at Ward Chem such as cesium formate, calcium chloride, and calcium bromide.

Chemsons Industrial Corporation -

A hi-tech plant and well equipped laboratory at VAPI, GUJARAT,INDIA where stringent quality control procedures are followed in line with International Standards. The philosophy of the management is to improve quality, increase productivity with zero reject

Colourtex Group of companies -

Manufacturer of dyestuff and chemicals as textile dyes, non textile dyes, eco friendly dyes, organic pigments, reactive dyes, specialty chemicals, disperse dyes, VAT dyes, solvent dyes for cellulosic, yarn, fabric, inks by Colourtex in Surat, India.

Completion Fluids Cacl2 -

Contact Completion Fluids Canada to get more info on brines such as calcium chloride (Cacl2). Completion Fluids & Brines - Calcium Chloride Cacl2

Construction Chemicals | Adawall Construction Chemicals Products you can Trust -

Adawall Construction Chemicals suppliers of Bitumen Sealants, Construction Chemicals, Mould Oil, Resin Anchor, Expanding Foam, Waterproof Concrete, Manhole Leveller, Precast Repair, Liquid Waterproof,Concrete Repair all over UK

Delf UK, Manufacture of Soft Soaps, Speciality chemicals & cleaning supplies -

Delf Supplier & Manufacturer of Quality Chemicals from Potassium Soft Soaps, Specialty Chemicals, Sanitising Healthcare and Janitorial Products, supplier to both UK and overseas markets

Dyes, Pigments, Fluorescent Pigments, Dyes Stuffs, Colors, Inks, Intermediates, Additives, Buyers, I -

Dyes, Pigments, Colors, Chemical Dyes, Natural Synthetic Dyes, chemicals intermediates, Additives, Printing Ink, Dye Stuffs, Foods Dyes, Leather Dyes, Importers, Exporters, Manufacturers, Agents and more

Feedstock Selling & Buying Leads -

Latest Feedstock Trade Leads, Feedstock Buying Leads, Feedstock Selling Leads, Textile Adhesives, Textile Chemical Products, Feedstock Sellers, Feedstock Buyers, Textile Manufacturers, Feedstock Suppliers, Feedstock Importers, Feedstock Exporters, Feedstock Wholesalers at

Fluids -

For more than 100 years, we’ve helped drive innovation with revolutionary technology — creating new standards for how the world gets work done. We’ve done it by producing best-in-class Ingersoll Rand / ARO pump and dispensing technologies, and by knowing our customers’ industries and the demands placed on productivity and quality.

General Directory Support Importers -

The Support Directory for Italiano Importers on Original Benzoino from Sumatra. Provide Pure Benzoino and other kind of Gums from Sumatra.

Glides -

Alliance Plastic's extensive standard product range has proved a great success over the years, providing products such as plastic end caps, plastic plugs, fasteners, and pipe protection. We are committed to delivering the valuable combination of quality products and helpful customer service.

Hydrophobic Coating -

DFI World’s Leader in Protective Coatings for Glass. The capability of applying DFI's proprietary surface protective coating at Alcoa’s US manufacturing facilities, in certain glass related markets, at a national level

Indian Chemical Industries -

Manufacturer and exporter of dyes, pigments, reactive dyes, organic pigments, dyestuff, fast salt, ingrain dyes, plastisol inks, pigment preparation for textile application, printing inks, plastics, rubbers, paints, coating, allied products in India.

Indian Fluorescent Pigments -

A paramount manufacturers of different types of chemical products such as fluorescent pigments,daylight fluorescent pigments,sr conc series,vx conc series,2000 series,pl series,htr series,tn series and much more products.

Industrial cleaning equipment - Solvent distillation and Closed loop systems -

Leading industrial cleaning equipment manufacturer offers solvent distillation systems including closed loop systems, industrial compactors, drum washers, tank washers, solvent storage tanks and industrial chemicals.

Injection molding manufacturer in China -

Glory plastics factory and injection molded plastic products in China. Manufactures and exports quality OEM plastic injection molding parts, blow molding products and plastic moulds.

Lalith - A Company into Trading of Dyestuffs and Dye Intermediates -

A leading trader of high quality colour chemicals, located in India and are exporting worldwide.

Land Mark Industry -

Manufacturing of wood preservatives for plywood industries and vacuum pressure plant including copper chrome arsenic, copper chrome borone, copper chrome complex, copper chrome fluorine by Land Mark Industry in Ahmedabad, India.

Liquid Calcium Bromide -

White in its solid form and clear when found as a liquid, calcium bromide is odorless whether as a solid or as a liquid. Check this website to learn more about calcium bromide (CaBr2).

Liquid Calcium Chloride Supplier -

For high quality liquid calcium chloride, contact Ward Chemical, the no.1 liquid Cacl2 supplier in Canada.

Lovson -

Manufacturer of lost wax castings, precision casting, investment casting, ferrous investment casting, non ferrous investment casting for various industrial applications from Lovson in India.

Medical Injection Molding -

A full service manufacturer of high precision plastic injection molds, custom molded plastic components and complete "turn-key" assemblies.

Mika Flakes and Powder By Dean and Tranter -

Dean + Tranter Ltd has over 80 years experience in building partnerships worldwide with their customers and providing logistical solutions for their raw material needs

MTI Global Silicone Foam -

MTI Global is a leading manufacturer of fabricated silicone foam products. We specialize in silicone foam, cellular silicone and silicone sponge. Our silicone products are used in aerospace and mass transit markets.

Nandu Chemical Industries -

Manufacturer and exporter of active pharmaceutical ingredients used in IV solutions, electrolytes and dialysis as well as sodium citrate, sodium chloride in food, beverages and healthcare industries by Nandu Chemical Industries in India.

Narayan Organics Pvt. Ltd -

Manufacturer of phthalocyanine pigment, copper salts, pigment blue, pigment green 7, ingrain blue 5, metal phthalocyanine crude blue, phthalocyanine derivatives including cuprous chloride, cupric chloride anhydrous by Narayan Organics in India.

Pharmacentical Intermediates -

Jinxiang Chemical enterprise founded in 1995, technology innovation is always our development power. We manufacture over 70 products and they are divided into medicine intermediates ,pesticide intermediates ,sensitization material intermediates and Nanometer materials . Di-tert-butyl dicarbonate (Diboc,Bocanhydride),DIAD,2-methyl-3-biphenylmethanol,adamantane, 2-methy-2-adamantanol,2-ethyl-2-adamantanol, 2-(trifluoromethoxy)aniline are our leading products.

Plastic Injection Molding -

ICOMold specializes in plastic mold and plastic injection molding and is structured to quickly produce low-cost pre-hardened-steel plastic injection molds for prototypes and production parts


We are the authority for both commercial and residential cleaning products for carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, restoration, hardwood, tile & grout and stone of all sorts such as granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, slate and travertine. We offer and stock and wide variety of truck mounted and portable cleaning equipment and a huge inventory of parts along with several lines of Cleaning chemicals and accessory equipment. We are proud to offer our clients IICRC certification courses and ha

San Diego Termite Company -

San Diego termite company, fumigation and termite treatment

Sodium Alginate Exporter -

A distinguished manufacturer and exporter located in india, offering exclusive range of industrial chemicals like titanium dioxide, cellulose powder, phinyal betazone, nickle powder, company also deals in ceramic raw material and lots more.

Sorbitol Natural sweetner, Nutritive sweetner -

We are India's largest Manufacturers of Calcium Carbonate and Sorbitol 70%

Souvenier Chemicals -

An Indian outsourcing company, supplier of derivative of amino acids, bioactive peptides, high purity metals, fine chemicals, Chiral Compounds, herbal extracts and custom synthesis.

Tekstil -

Dyestuff, Acid dyes, Reactive dyes, Direct dyes, Leather, Colours, Colorants, Printing, Paper dyes, Bacis dyes, Wooldyes, Light fast.

Water Treatment Products: Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate 50% 60% 63%, Trichloroisocyanuric acid -

Be-long Corporation supply Water Treatment Products like Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate 50% 60% 63% (Sdic, NaDCC), Trichloroisocyanuric acid (Symclosene, trichloro-s-triazinetrione, TCICA, Trichlor).