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Mutual Funds

Free Information on understanding stocks and bonds

Emini Day Trading Online Training

Futures Day Trading Strategies that come with a double money back guarantee. Complete trainin with telephone support. Methods earn 1+ point everyday - guaranteed!

1031 exchange how to : -

The 1031 Exchange and Tenant-in-Common (TIC) Investing Guide is your key to understanding the TIC industry.

1031 investments -

Omni brokerage is a nationwide securities brokerage firm specializing in inve3stment real estate for the qualified and accredited investor. -

Simplifying 401k setup and investing for you -

Searching for small cap stock picks? This website features an up-to-date growing list of small cap growth stock picks.

American Stock Market -

American Stock Market Investing Information featuring Stock Alerts, Hot stocks, Penny Stocks, Stock news, Stock Investing tips, Stock trading, online stock, stock exchange, stock prices, stock quotes, stock symbols.

Annuity Supermarket -

Annuity Supermarket will guarantee to beat any rate provided by your pension annuity company

Archive of Investment Reports -

An email archive of various investment-related Email lists. Most of the discussion revolves around stocks and real estate.

Asian Stock Market -

Asian Stock Market Investing Information featuring Stock Alerts, Hot stocks, Penny Stocks, Stock news, Stock Investing tips, Stock trading, online stock, stock exchange, stock prices, stock quotes, stock symbols.

Automated Forex Machine -

Are you tired of your 9-5 job? Are you tired of trying to find a source income online, and constantly getting scammed? Then this is the porgram for you! Make money even while you sleep with these automatic Forex advisors that will do all the work for you!

Automated Forex Software -

Learn how you can trade all you want. New forex automation software makes it possible.

Automated Forex tracking software -

A quick review of the best, fully automated, Forex tracking software available today.

Automated Forex Trading -

Fully automated forex trading. Free 30 day demo

Automated Stock System -

Supra Stocks is a profitable online software which just requires 30 minutes a week. It's extremely easy to use and tells you when you should enter and exit a trade. No complicated indicators to follow.

Beginner Online Forex Trading Education -

Beginners education in Forex trading is ideal training for those who are new in Forex and currency trading.

Best Construction Finance -

Allied Capital add value to your financing needs, offering construction finance, property investment finance, business, franchise & equipment finance. The site offers info and describes the categories, case studies, an articles section and more.

Best Investment Advice | Online Investment Information -

Investment is one of the most profitable and the riskiest kind of investments. gives Best Investment Advice and Online Investment Information. Get informative help about investment management, investment banking, investment securities, investment calculator and more on

Best investment options and business location in the UK East Midlands -

East Midlands is one of the UK's most competitive locations provides you low operating costs and easy access environment to open a business

best mutual funds explained -

The site provides a guide and introduction to all the various types of mutual funds available. Fund types are explained in detail along with how to choose the most appropriate for your investment objectives. Finally many of the more complex terms are also explained.

Better Trades -

Better Trades - BetterTrades is your solution to your online trading problems. If you have any questions about trading or any doubt that you are trading at your best then BetterTrades is the Best trading education you've been searching for.

Brooklyn NY Foreclosures -

Find the best deals on Brooklyn NY foreclosures and other great properties in New York with the listings of Brooklyn foreclosure homes.

Bullet proof vehicle system, Armour Car Lite. Wrong Time. Wrong Place. Right Protection. -

Armour car lite provides you with a unique new bullet proof vehicle system, aimed to significantly increase your personal security.

Bullish Information. Home of Investment Articles and News - contains articles about Value Investment and Asian Stock Market.All Investment Gurus Biography. Great Online Investment Resource. All Articles are originally written for this site.

Cash Gifting is Blowing up the Economy -

Affordable Cash Gifting makes it easier for the average person to participate in cash gifting and make lots of money.

Coins To Sell Cheap Discount Store -

Best Price Discount Coins To Sell. Coins, dollars, silver, gold, pennies, quarters, dimes, nickels, discount, free shipping.

Currency Futures Trading -

Trading in currency is becoming more popular every year. Most traders only ever use the unregulated spot markets. This site explains how to trade using currency futures on the regulated exchanges.

Currency Options Trading -

The site provides an introduction to how to trade currency options. These provide an alternative to the spot fx market. The terms, markets and exchanges are explained in detail. In addition some common trading strategies are highlighted.

Debt Counseling -

The Credit Exchange Corporation is the only company of its kind in existence. We are not a debt management company. We serve in the capacity of providing debt referral services for customers seeking help with debt consolidation and debt management.

Discount Health Insurance Dubai -

Looking for discount health insurance plans in Dubai? helps you find the information your looking in the Health Insurance Industry for the Dubai, UAE and the Gulf Region.

Discover And Invest - Investments And Investing Made Simple -

Discover And Invest aims to help investors invest their money in alternative, ethical, high return and rewarding investments. From solar investments through to interesting property schemes, Discover and Invest provides a full investment service, making investing more secure and enjoyable.

Dividend stocks -

High paying dividend stocks you can buy without a broker

Dividends -

Discussions on dividend investing and all things money

E-Gold Forex Trading In Minutes -

M 5 Forex is the industry leader in retail forex trading. M 5 Forex offers free demo accounts and live trading accounts starting as low as $25. Free charting packages, broadcast and press news, live quotes, analysis, training and education, signals and more.

E-Myth Consultants Australia | Essential Business Solutions Australia -

E-Myth consultants Australia provides the essential business solutions to small business owners in business solutions such as work less, make more money, have more free time and lots more to fulfill your business needs

ea-performance -

free MT4 expert advisors

earn Huge Profits in the Foreign Currency Market -

A step-by-step tutorial teache you everything you need to know to profit from the Forex Curency market. Tested and Proven!

Euro To Dollar -

The site has been developed to provide traders and investors with an overview of the currency pair. In particular the economic factors affecting the strength and weakness are highlighted. For overseas investors currency exchange is explained.

Euro vs Dollar -

This site has been developed to provide a wealth of information on both the euro and US dollar. Technical and fundamental analysis is discussed and explained. The information is useful for both traders and investors.

exchange expenses and 1031 exchanges -

Omni brokerage is a nationwide securities brokerage firm specializing in inve3stment real estate for the qualified and accredited investor.

Fee Only Financial Advisor -

Fee-only investment management firm providing portfolio management located in La Jolla, CA and also servicing San Diego. Fee-only investment managers do not charge any commission for their services; instead relying on their expertise to take a small percentage of the portfolio.

Financial Advisor - is focused on finding your ideal financial advisor using a sophisticated matching system. If you are a financial advisor, signup to get high quality leads.

Financial freedom, cash, cash flow, credit repair, debt consolidation, debt elimination -

Ideal Financial Solutions offers financial freedom through effective management of your cash - cash flow. Ideal Financial Solutions specializes in automated debt, credit and wealth building solutions, credit repair, debt consolidation and debt elimination.

Financial Re-Education -

ARE YOU FINANCIALLY CHECKMATE?, a book unraveling the complex financial web that keeps most Americans living from paycheck to paycheck. The author identifies seven cultural habits that continually thwart our financial progress.

find how tania make$1000 in 2 day! -

idea to make money from regular people

Finding Affordable Health Insurance Choices -

Informational articles about obtaining health insurance after cancer; car insurance for teenagers, and basic homeowners insurance. Tips and advice

Fixed Odds Trading -

The key to succesful trading is in the preservation of capital. However new traders often let their losses spiral out of control. Fixed odds trading provides a simple way to trade stocks and forex with the maximum loss defined beforehand.

forex -


Forex Account -

Trade forex online with FxPro. Offering 7 trading platforms, you can trade foreign currency from anywhere, including iPhone or web based platform. Learn more about our forex brokers today. Authorized and regulated by the CySEC.

Forex books, videos, guides, easy to understand -

Trade currencies and make money! At you can find everything you need. Good guides, films, books

Forex Broker Reviews -

Unbiased Forex Broker and Forecast monitoring site. Traders' ratings, reviews, praises, and/or critics on forex brokers and forecast providers.

Forex Currency Trading -

Learn about forex currency trading and how it's rapidly gained popularity around the globe, overview of the forex market, forex brokers, forex money management, trading strategies and training courses to help people get started in the exciting world of foreign exchange trading.

Forex Funnel -

Forex Funnel is the newest automated expert forex software on the market. To read my full review of the software visit my site.

Forex Killer Review -

Do you want to know if you should buy Forex Killer or not? Find out now... Read an unbiased review and see all that you can and can't do with this Forex system.

Forex Markets -

forex trading and high yield investment program accept liberty reserve and v-money.

Forex Signal Software -

Forex trading signal analysis software system

Forex street investors -

Learn all forex street secrets and get daily investment signals. Forex street investors are also traders who use technology to support their investments.

Forex Technical Hot | Best Way Fast Get Rich | Free Real Money Start Trade -

Make Big Money $ By Forex, Funds, Indexes, Commodities Free Sign up, Free Real Money Start, Free Signal Hot Program.

Forex Trading - Discussion and Forex News -

This site provides important information for anyone who is thinking about forex trading. Provides a compelling discussion, currency trading news, informative videos, and a complete forex trading book store.

Forex Trading Made easy -

Learn Forex Trading. Make money from the lucrative Forex Market the easy way. On Autopilot using Forex Trading System Software like Forex Killer, Forex assassin, Forex Beater

Forex Trading Market -

Do not loose money in forex agaian! Learn online forex trading for free here and get useful recommendation on Forex Trading Market.

Forex Trading System -

Fully automated Forex Signals Free 30 day demo

Forex Trading | -

Day trade the currency market: Technical and fundamental strategies and tips to maximize profits from market action.

Forex Unlimited Network -

The Forex Unlimited Network is the source for beginners to find out information about Forex trading. We have fine trading tutorials as well as informative articles covering all aspects of Forex trading.

FOREX! Earn money YourSelf! -

Forex or Money Market, i had learnt is that i can make you comfortably wealthy easily. (IF YOU KNW HOW) Why do i know that? Trillions are traded offhands everyday, and the market only goes 3 ways, up down or sideways. So, you have 1/3 a chance to win the money

ForexNova All About Forex Exchange -

Articles and forex trading courses, forex trading, currency exchange.

Free forex strategies and ebooks -

Forex information site with free forex systems, ebooks and articles

Free Forex Tips -

Free forex tips aids beginning online traders in understanding forex basics and trading strategies.

Free NSE BSE Stock Market Tips -

This premier site providing stock tips and recommendation for Indian Stock Market, US Stock Market and Australian Stock Market. Objective of this site is to provide timely research to subscribers about opportunities in stock markets. Excellent research is provided through this site which enabling Nonresident Indians all across the globe to invest in Indian Stock Market. ArthSutra also provide accurate stock recommendations for Australian and US markets at much better rate than the services provi

Futures Trading Online -

Futures contracts can trace their origins back to the farming mid-west of Chicago in the late 1800's. Today the futures markets are highly regulated through the major exchanges. The site explains the markets and outlines some trading strategies.

Harley Davidson Stock -

Gives you the unique opportunity to buy Walt Disney stock in a way that is much more meaningful than calling a stockbroker.

home budget saver secrets -

Hi, This is Ken Smith and I would like to share with you my secrets on how to get out of debt and start saving money. I hope you enjoy it. To discover more about this vital subject go to Thank you for reading my article.

Home Loans -

Dewan Housing Finance Corporation UK, is one of the foremost investment group who provides loans to public who wish to accomplish their requirements via purchasing their own homes, renewal of houses, resale of houses, sale of property, Loans for NRI’s.

How To Invest -

Learn how to invest by creating an asset allocation plan in taxable and retirement investment accounts. An asset allocation plan will enable you to be completely diversified and outperform the so called investment pros.

IberiaForex - broker online -

Operaciones con divisas,CFD,Futuros e metales con minimo riesgo.Plataforma de trading Metatrader4.Garantias de los depositos

Improve your futures trading success. -

Futures Trading Mentor provides a guide to learning and mastering successful futures trading techniques. Learn to trade smarter and more profitably.

Income Tax Calculator India -

Find the latest Indian market news, share market news, Income Tax Calculator, Indian business news, gold market news, Indian stock exchange news, capital market India news and complete market watch at NDTV Profit.

Independent Financial Advice -

Medicsfs provides Professional Mortgage Services,Independent Financial Advice,Medical Financial Services,Mortgages For Doctors,Medical Practice Finance,Practice Finance Solutions,Professionals Medical Finance,Mortgages For Dentists,Professionals Financial Services for the medics in the medical and dental professions.

Indian stock market - is trusted since 2004 for investment in shares and midcaps and also offers share prices and quotes, National stock market analysis, news, information, investment tips for online trading in Calcutta, Bombay stock share markets in India

Indian Stock Market Investing and Trading , Stock Recommendations -

Bse,Nse, Indian Share market tips guide. Learn basic Rules( Fundamentals, Technical) to earn in  BULLISH Indian Stock Market Easily. This Is the Best online money making Scope Legally.

Indian Stock Market News,buzzing stocks,bonus issues,rights issues,stock splits,stock market investm -

This site is dedicated to information regarding stock market and important news related to companies like Buy backs,Bonus issues,Stock Splits,Rights issues etc.

Invest in the UK -

Invest in Yorkshire – Part of Yorkshire Forward, the regional development agency responsible for facilitation and encouragement of business investment within the Yorkshire and Humber UK region.

Investasi Dinar Irak -

investasi dinar irak, jual dinar irak via

Investing Choices -

Expert Information And Advice On:

Investing in mutual funds -

UTI Mutual Fund is the most trusted brand in India; UTI Mutual Fund becomes the largest and most efficient money manager with global presence. UTI Mutual Fund has a track record of managing a variety of schemes catering to the needs of every class of citizenry.

Investment Armenia Company -

Future Capital Market Investment Company, Investment Banking Armenia, Brokerage Armenia, Private Equity Armenia, Equity Financing Armenia, Bonds Armenia, Stocks Armenia, Securities Armenia.

Investment Banking & Stock Broking Company -

Religare  - Stock Broking Company and Online Investment Banking Portal in India provides best Stock Broking Services, online commodities trading services, online personal financial services and investment advice.

Investment Banking Institute -

The Investment Banking Institute is recognized as the financial education, training, and placement market leader

Investment Blog -

A stock market news and investment resources site containing the latest information and comments on the equity markets. Also visit our comprehensive directory and glossary and have your say in the investment forum.

Investment Guides for Real Estate -

Guides and strategies on property investments

Japanese Candlesticks Explained -

The site explains some of the more complicated japanese candlestick patterns used in technical analysis. Those covered include two bar and three bar patterns. These are patterns which can often identify major turning points in the markets.

Kaupthing Edge High Interest Savings Accounts -

Kaupthing Edge high interest savings account. Online savings and bank accounts with high interest rates. Apply online for Kaupthing Edge high savings and term deposit accounts.

Kerr Alert : Kevin Kerr's Global Commodity Alert : Home -

Global Commodities Alert, or GCA for short, is a cutting edge trade alert service that provides subscribers Kevin Kerr's trade recommendations on futures options.

Learn To Trade Futures Online -

What you absolutely need to know before you learn to trade futures online. This is a free guide to the most important aspects you need to know before investing in any learning to trade futures online program.

Life Settlements, Life Settlement Software, Life Insurance Settlements, Life Settlement Investment, -

Life Settlement in US, also known as life insurance settlements, provide a reasonable exit strategy from unwanted or underperforming life insurance policies. Christianstanley are investigating the life settlements industry.

Low Cost Term Life Insurance Dubai -

Need low cost term life insurance in Dubai? Arabian Life Insurance offers you inexpensive quotes by simply answering a few questions.

Luegendetektor Lügendetektor institut polygraph test lie detector -

Luegendetektor Lügendetektor institut polygraph test lie detector wahrheit lüge

Make Your First Million With An Automated Forex Trading Software !! -

A 100% Automated Forex Trading Software. Make $1000 - $2000 Per Week With a 100% Automated Forex Trading Software! - The Forex-Killer Software! Start Generating Your Own Forex Signals Today !!

malaysia investment -

Kota kinabalu travel portal with holiday and travel packages and hotel resort discounts from Tourism Malaysia and destinations like karambunai, Mesilau, poring hot spring and Sutera Harbour resort including discount airfare promotion Airasia Fireflyz.

mezzanine financing -

Earlybird is a full service information dissemination firm specializing in market share penetration. We have tested and proven consumation with all major public and private environments satisfying market inclusion. Corporate Communications is an integral part to any companies attempt at market exploitation

Micro Cap Investments -

Specialist fund managers Yield Capital offer investors exposure to wealth creation by investing in Australian small caps, micro caps and equity funds. The site offers information on company products. The website features an information center on funds investments and Yield’s trusts. The site gives access to different trusts and it has a newsletter.

Money Management|Investment strategy|Financial education -

Here is a powerful step-by-step educational financial program to create and keep wealth. We empower average people with Money Management tips,investment strategies and to at ain economic wealth faster and safer than most other financial opportunities or investments anywhere in the market today.

Mutual Fund Helper -

Mutualfundhelper is about how to invest your money in mutual funds,safety concerns and know international mutual funds is profitable in right way to invest your money.

New Zealand Investment Property - Investing For Profit In The New Zealand Property Market -

New Zealand investment property - Buy New Zealand investment property the smart way - secure a long term, rent guaranteed, fully managed New Zealand investment property 100% backed by the New Zealand Government.

Off Plan Property Investment - Offplan-Investor UK -

Low cost, off plan investment property from Offplan-Investor UK


journey of building wealth wisely

Online Forex Brokers Can Take Guesswork Out Of Trades -

If you’re seriously interested in knowing about online forex brokers, you need to think beyond the basics. This informative article takes a closer look at things you need to know about online forex brokers.

Online Forex Resources -

Foreign exchange trading articles, choose forex broker suit your demand, updated forex news and calendar

Online Option Trading -

This is a free site where you can learn all about online option trading and how best to use options in your trading and investing strategy. All the basic terminology is explained, such as what is a put and what is a call. In addition the importance of understanding volatility is highlighted along with how to read an option chain.

Opening Futures Calls : The Evolution of Futures Trading : - links you directly to the top futures floor traders to give you insight and advice on opening futures calls, opening grain calls,S&P daytrading.

Options Calendar: Futures Expiration Calendar: Commodity Calendar 2009 by - presents the Commodity trader wall calendar for 2009.

Options Straddles -

This site explains an interesting options trading strategy called the straddle. The trade depends for its success on volatility entering the market. It is a direction neutral trade as it has no bias in either direction.

Options Trading Tutorials : Free Options Trading Advice,Information,Guides by OptionsScholar -

OptionsScholar provides options trading tutorials that teach you options trading through our free online learning center.

Overseas Property Investments | Brett Jones -

Investing in Properties? Overseas Property Investments? Brett Jones of Jood Investments discusses latest trends in Investing in Overseas Properties.

Play Win Trade to Wealth -

How to make money with trading software

Positive Gearing -

Positive gearing is a resource site for those who are interested in empowering themselves and being positively geared in their lives. The aim is to promote a positively geared way of life and to provide a place for continue research by including various articles, link and resources for self-improvement and for becoming positively geared in mind, body and wealth creation.

Pounds To Dollars -

The pound dollar currency pair is one of the most widely traded in the forex markets. The site explains the fundamental and technical factors which influence the pair. Both the UK and US economies are examined in detail.

Presidents Impact On the Stock Market -

Will the new president bring doom and gloom to America? Taxes Taxes Taxes how can we escape them!


[B]Welcome to Profit Zone[/B] ProfitZone company strongly believes in a combination of an active and passive investment management process. By applying a systematic and coherent investment method using a refined capital asset pricing model the company is in a position to calculate qualified return expectations for any kind of investment portfolio (i.e. income, balanced, capital gain,etc.). As a result we construct individual benchmarks for different investment goals in order to define the str

Profitable Forex Trading Systems and Strategies -

Find the Most Profitable Forex Trading Systems and Strategies For Trading Todays Currency Exchange Market

Providing Quality Wealth Building Books, Software and DVDs -

Discover quality wealth building books, software and DVDs covering everything from forex trading to real estate.

Rayforex Training Website -

Rayforex Training Website

Return On Investment (ROI) Formula -

ROI is a measure of investment profitability, not a measure of investment size. It is worked out on a formula.

Risk Management - Genuine Trading Solutions -

Registered Commodity Trading Advisor specializing in analyzing and hedging Market and Operational Risk using exchange traded and OTC derivatives.

Risk Management Information - already has a wide number of initiatives which contribute to mitigating certain specific risks, either by proactively seeking to prevent the full emergence of that risk, or by providing a public-private platform for global reaction to risk events and management.

Seguros de Decesos -

Official Insurance Agency of deaths across Spain, insurance death Online. We have the broadest coverage of services.

Shareplanner, Inc. -

Daily Market Analysis, Swing Trades, Stocks for Shorting, ETF Trades, Fixed Income Strategies, and Long-Term Investments

ShareSense - Stock market software -

ShareSense is an advanced piece of stock market trading software designed to make the process of finding high quality stocks much easier and much more profitable for its users.

Stock and Options Trading School -

Dedicated to the education of stock and option traders.

Stock Investing | Investment Newsletter - Financial Newsletters - Stock Newsletter -

A Directory of Investment Newsletters - Sign up for Financial Newsletters today.

stock recommendations -

89.3% accurate stock recommendations in any market condition with exact entry price, exit price & stop loss every single day on your email & mobile thru SMS.

Stock Recommendations India -

Free Tips on Indian Stocks, Trading Calls, interaday calls, Research Reports all free of cost.

The Commitment Of Traders Report Explained -

The commitment of traders report (COT) is publised every Friday by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) . This site explains how to interpret the futures and options data, to improve your investing decisions.

The Property -

International Property Listing Agency. Providing properties to international real estate agents. Properties in Spain, Dubai, Chile, Honduras and Egypt. Providing services to marketing- and sales teams from leading international real estate agents

The True Secrets of Wealth -

I want to invite you to try a fun little simple add on program that goes with everything and delivers one ounce silver coins to them.

Trading EveryDay -

A distinguished provider of educational trading services, including online courses and interactive coaching for traders. Trading EveryDay believes that the only difference between an average trader and a great trader is education and coaching.

Trading markets online stock trading Investing by -

Online Stock Trading and Investing premier information site for stock trading, professional traders, and active investors with timely commentaries and education in online stock trading.

Trading markets online stock trading Investing by -

Online Stock Trading and Investing premier information site for stock trading, professional traders, and active investors with timely commentaries and education in online stock trading.

Trading markets online stock trading Investing by -

Online Stock Trading and Investing premier information site for stock trading, professional traders, and active investors with timely commentaries and education in online stock trading.

Trading markets online stock trading Investing by -

Online Stock Trading and Investing premier information site for stock trading, professional traders, and active investors with timely commentaries and education in online stock trading.

trading oil -

The site provides an introduction on how to start trading oil futures. The worldwide markets are explained, along with the crucial issues of supply and demand. Futures contracts and the exchanges are explained, as well as OTC trading using a broker.

Trading Systems and Strategies -

Learn how to combine simple technical analysis tools into advanced strategies and trading systems for Metastock. We will show you how to properly build metastock trading systems based on technical analysis.


FOREX COMMODITY EQUITY Trading tips are avilable at These are very useful for the traders. Especially we have INTRA DAY and DELIVERY Tips also. for regular following please SIGN UP here for free trail page.

TradingRevenue - Day Trading Site -

Great site about the stock market and day trading!

United First Financial -

Homeowners with a traditional 30-year mortgage were on track to become mortgage free after only 8 to 11 years.

usd to cad -

The site explains the relationship between the US and the Canadian dollar and the factors which affect the strength or weakness of each. The site explores the fundamental and technical aspects. The economic indicators are explained in detail.

Vanguard Australia Investments -

Discover our investment and super solutions for individuals, businesses, DIY super investors and trusts. Become a better informed investor with investment resources and after tax reporting.

We buy houses, Sell your house fast, We buy houses fast -

Home Offers provides instant cash offers on your property and provides all real estate solutions like Buy Houses for Cash, Fast Home Offer, for sale by owner, foreclosure help, Sell my house fast, Fast Home Offer.

Which Should You Choose Bonds Or Stocks -

Strange that stocks is the word on everyone's lips and there is so much written about them. Why is that so, one wonders when bonds are far less risky and the returns you earn on them are not to be scoffed at.

Win Win Real Estate Investments -

Real estate investing is seriously difficult in todays hard economic times. But we still need to invest for our retirement, and real estate is still the best investment. And there are real estate investing options, even now.

Wise Wealth Builder -

journey of building wealth wisely

Writing Covered Calls -

The site explains how to use equity options and stocks in order to write a covered call. This strategy can be used both as a buy write and over write tactic. Options terminology is also fully explained. | Warren Buffett Investing Online | Investment Club for Warren Buffett Styl -

An investing club and online forum for investors interested in Warren Buffett's style of value investing.

Yen To Dollar -

The yen to dollar is one of the most widely traded currency pairs in the forex market. This site explains both the technical and fundamental factors which influence the pair. Both the Japanese and American economies are examined and explained.

Your 15¢ Shares Investment ... -

This is the best #1 investment in the world Today!